3 comments on “The College Search Process

  1. Excellent work. I forwarded this on to my younger students and also the Player Director for the Alberta Golf Association.

    I would like to mention a few things that I insist everyone must think about when making this decision.

    1. Where do you want to live? Where do you want to build a friend network for the rest of your life?
    I did a year in New Mexico, haven’t been back since..I did 4 years in Victoria BC, and go back twice a year at least. I love the city, always have, and there’s a Canadian Tour event there every year..So, as a northern boy who can handle cold and a bit of an off season, I would have focused more on the places I would want to live, and access easily for the rest of my life. I am from Calgary…so Phoenix, Vegas, Seattle, Denver, Boise ST. (think Graham DeLaet…he lives there now..from Saskatchewan)…

    2. Remember that 4 years is a long long time, and you have to look out for #1. There are so many variables (coach leaves, players leave, new players come in, team dynamics change for better and worse, the academics aren’t what you thought..the list goes on and on), that you have to be sure it’s a place you want to live first and foremost. If you’re happy to be living there, it’ll carry over to your golf.

    Thanks Matt for posting this article.


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