Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Summary :

I believe every player must have a basic understanding of how the ball flies (Ball Flight Laws).  When a golfer hits a ball, the initial direction the ball takes off on is controlled by the angle of the club face.  The path of the club to the ball in relation to the face angle impacts the spin or curvature the ball has.  Without the understanding of these laws, a barrier is created making the game of golf more difficult for the player.

There is a set of standards a player must have to play good golf.  Great golfers today, and throughout history have appeared to swing the club many different ways.  Just about all of these players demonstrate different grips, different postures, different alignment, and different swing lengths.  Yet, all successfully play the game.  This is because all of these players demonstrate a set of standards. (1) They are all able to hit the ground in the same spot consistently. (2) They are also able to maximize their total distance, without losing the consistency of hitting the ground in the same spot. (3) As well as being able to control the direction and curvature of the golf ball.  Understanding that these 3 standards are fundamental, and organizing the variables of them into a system that is simple enough for a beginner and detailed enough for the most sophisticated player allows for the fastest improvement for all golfers.

I have the privilege of being a student of two of the greatest swing instructors in the world, Mike Bennett, and Andy Plummer.  Over the past 6 years, they have helped me understand the principles a player’s swing must have in order to play the game of golf efficiently.  As well as understand how the laws of geometry, and physics govern’s the golf swing. 


Mike Bennett (Co-founder of Stack and Tilt)

John Graham (Level III AimPoint instructor and ball flight expert)

Andy Plummer (Co-founder of Stack and Tilt)

David Wedzik (Co-founder of Pure Strike: 5 Simple Keys)