The D-Plane

This Page contains Videos explaining the D-Plane.

The D-Plane is a phrase coined by Theodore P. Jorgensen in his book “The Physics of Golf” and stands for descriptive plane.  The descriptive plane is a 3-dimensional description of  the collision between the ball and club face.  Although complex, the D-Plane simply identifies the “Why” a golf ball flies.  Understanding this is not just important for an instructor (although more important), but also important for the golfer to have a basic understanding of “Why the ball is flying like it is”, and “How can I make the ball fly a certain way”.

The D-Plane shows the golf ball mostly starts on the direction the club face is pointing (approximately 85% influence) and will curve depending on the direction that the path is moving in relation to the club face.  The simplest example of this would be, If my club face is 2 degrees open (right) to my target and my path is swinging 4 degrees in to out my ball will start slightly right of my target and draw back to the target.  The vertical plane angle and the clubs Angle of Attack on the golf ball also influence the path of the club.

Above is a video of Erik Barzeski and James Hirshfield instructors at GOLF EVOLUTION simply explaining the D-plane.

Above is a video of John Graham explaining D-plane shape for pulls and pushes.

Above James Leitz explaining the D-plane(explains spin loft and teaching/identification).


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